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MIFF: Ain\'t Them Bodies Saints

Replete with a WTF title, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is a pretentious bore. Writer/director David Lowery borrows both tropes (fugitives, a Southern setting) and style (minimalist dialogue, laconic narration) of early Terrence Malick, with considerably lesser results.

MIFF: Stoker

Director Park Chan-wook’s Stoker is a gothic horror/family drama/thriller-hybrid … and is just as unwieldy as that breakdown suggests. Written by British-born, US-raised actor Wentworth Miller (the lead in the TV show Prison Break), the plot – about a grieving daughter, India (Mia Wasikowska) and her oddball relationship with her father’s estranged brother (Matthew Goode) – doesn’t make much sense, but the occasionally witty script and Park’s truly baffling flourishes give the story a genuine sense of ‘otherness’ lacking from most thrillers.

Disappearing Act

Jeanne Moreau\'s talent and versatility is obvious in ACMI\'s new season Focus on the French screen siren, according to Andrew Moraitis.

Hooper Overreaches With Bloated Les Mis

Tom Hooper\'s Les Miserables is technically ambitious, often moving, but slightly disappointing, according to Filmink\'s Andrew Moraitis.

Off The Road

The long-awaited \'On The Road\' is a good-hearted disappointment, according to FilmInk\'s Andrew Moraitis.

An Alternative Take On \'Lore\'

Cate Shortland\'s Lore is a shallow, pretentious and unconvincing war drama, according to Andrew Moraitis. Neither art nor entertainment, Shortland\'s film exploits its difficult subject matter to an unpleasant degree.

MIFF: Shadow Dancer

Sadly, a waste of a solid cast and director...

MIFF: Beasts Of The Southern Wild

The first so-so review we\'ve read about this American indie.

MIFF: Beyond The Hills

Romanian director Cristian Mungiu\'s impressive follow-up to \'4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days\' is an unsettling psychological drama - and one of this year\'s best.

Killer Joe - He Said/She Said

Bec Butterworth and Andrew Moraitis were both impressed with Killer Joe at the Melbourne International Film Festival