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Melbourne International Film Festival: Neds

A confronting, but rewarding social drama from actor Peter Mullan.

Family Tree

Much hyped and long in development, Terrence Malicks \'The Tree of Life\' is a work of extraordinary ambition and scope, very much deserving of its win of the Palme dOr at Cannes...

Preview: The Eye of the Storm

We preview one of the most highly anticipated Australian films of the year...

French Film Festival Preview: The Clink of Ice

FILMINK checks out Bertrand Blier\'s new black comedy which succeeds - for the most part.

French Film Festival Preview: Joseph and the Girl

While it echoes classic films, this thriller playing at the festival fails to deliver the goods.

French Film Festival Preview: Outside The Law

We check out this Oscar nominated political drama about Algeria\'s struggle for independence from France.

Certified Copy

Depending on your viewpoint, the ambiguity which runs through Kiarostamis latest effort can make for a frustrating experience or a thought-provoking one...

2011 Preview: Part 2

In Part 2 of this preview, FILMINK explores another handful of highly anticipated blockbusters due out this year.

2011 Preview: Part 1

In the first of this two part preview, FILMINK takes a look at Hollywoods biggest films to be released this year and evaluates their likely success...

Ancient History Lesson: Agora

By avoiding the typical Hollywood epic treatment, Agora is perhaps the most intelligently conceived ancient history film since Gladiator.