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Sydney Film Festival: Polisse

French star turned writer/director Maiwenn\'s third feature - a tough-as-nails drama about the hardened cops who work in a Child Protection Unit in Paris - was one of the unmissable flicks at this year\'s festival.

Sydney Film Festival: Tabu

A slow-burning and unconventional romance vies for the festival\'s top prize.

Sydney Film Festival: Hobo With A Shotgun

The film\'s title says it all really!

Sydney Film Festival: Tomboy

A strong contender for the Audience Choice Awards at this year\'s festival...

Sydney Film Festival: How To Die In Oregon

A doco that\'s guaranteed to move you to tears while straingely proving life-affirming...

Vampires Suck

The \"filmmaking\" duo who continue to suck the life out of the modern spoof genre...

Crowdpleaser: Boy

It\'s easy to see why this film was an audience favourite at the Sydney Film Festival...

Grown Ups: The place washed up comedians go to die.

Just watch the trailer instead...

Sydney Film Festival: The Illusionist

A delightful and quirky animation which unfortunately fails to truly engage

Sydney Film Festival: Heartbeats

A hit with the hipsters