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Ever heard of fracking? Well, we suggest you read on...

Cinematic Snapshots of Korea

The inaugural Korean Film Festival [KOFFIA] was held in Sydney at the beginning of October featuring a celebration of contemporary and classic Korean cinema.

Animated films are no longer childs play

Another piece of magic from Pixar.

Sydney Film Festival: The Most Dangerous Man in America

A thought-provoking doco about a pivotal time in US history

Caught in a Bad Bromance

What happened to John Cusack\'s leading man status?

Return of the Iron Giant

Did someone say equal sequel?

New breed of heroes not so super, but still extraordinary

There is a new breed of superheroes who will be fighting and wise-cracking their way into cinemas this year, and they\'re light years away from what you have come to expect thanks to the dominance of stylised Hollywood takes on the adventures of the genetically blessed (or cursed) likes of Superman, Spiderman and the X-Men.