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Down in Front at Tropfest

FilmInk\'s Julian Wood heads down to a supposedly new and improved Tropfest for a night of short film festivities.

Sydney Film Festival: This Ain\'t No Mouse Music

......................................... The ‘less is more’ principle is amiss here. If you’ve got a hundred real life stories competing to squeeze into 92 minutes, the idea is tell a handful of those stories well.

Promised Land: Why You Need To See It

Some films are just too good to be tucked away in the art house market. Gus Van Sant’s Promised Land has an excellent script (from eccentric literary tyro Dave Eggers), fine performances and a solid issues-based dramatic narrative which is absolutely topical.

Disappearing Act

Jeanne Moreau\'s talent and versatility is obvious in ACMI\'s new season Focus on the French screen siren, according to Andrew Moraitis.

The Story of Film: An Odyssey

FilmInk\'s intern Stephanie Todd, a 15 year old high schooler, put this item together around the first disc of the groundbreaking documentary, The Story of Film: An Odyssey.

Masked Gotham: A City of Lost Children

In \'The Dark Knight Rises\', Christopher Nolan has transformed the art-house paranoia of \'Batman Begins\' and the urban, hyperrealist decay of \'The Dark Knight\' into a multi-tiered, self-reflexive study into trust, false idols and legacy.

\'Prometheus\' Shoots For Moon, Doesn\'t Leave Terra Firma

The highly anticipated \'Prometheus\' is not only a major disappointment, but also one of the most frustrating films of the year. Note: spoilers ahead.

Sydney Film Festival: Policeman

A taut political drama presenting an Israel we rarely see on screen...

Deconstructing \'Margaret\'

Plagued by rumours that it would never assemble a final cut, writer/director Kenneth Lonergan\'s epic drama \'Margaret\' - originally shot in 2005 - is finally receiving a limited release. We delve right into its messy, rich and ultimately rewarding story...

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Don\'t agree with our official review of the latest Mission Impossible flick?! (Check the website) One of our bloggers gives us his take on the latest entry in the franchise.