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A Look Back at a Classic Sci-Fi Series

With \'Rise of the Planet of the Apes\' to hit cinemas soon, FILMINK takes a look back at the classic series that inspired it.

Affleck Returns To His Town

Affleck follows up his excellent debut film with a thriller which echoes many of the themes from his Oscar-winning screenplay Good Will Hunting.

Tomorrow, When Things Go Boom

Our first big Australian action movie since Mad Max.

Animated films are no longer childs play

Another piece of magic from Pixar.

Books, that ancient pleasure. Movies, that modern miracle

The book to film adaptation: we love them and we dread them

Download Flicks From Your PlayStation

Do boys have even more reason now to spend time with their PlayStations?

New breed of heroes not so super, but still extraordinary

There is a new breed of superheroes who will be fighting and wise-cracking their way into cinemas this year, and they\'re light years away from what you have come to expect thanks to the dominance of stylised Hollywood takes on the adventures of the genetically blessed (or cursed) likes of Superman, Spiderman and the X-Men.