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Underneath every indie horror/comedy is an unspoken desire to become a cult sensation. But too often, movies in this sub-genre are only enjoyable to a point – the jokes and the scares run out of steam, and instead of becoming cult smashes, the films see out their days as DVD bargain bin fillers. It takes a particular talent to make horror/comedy that really works. That isn’t disposable.  That makes you scared, makes you laugh, and actually sustains your interest. Which makes Canada’s Mon Ami such a find. It starts funny and gets funnier as the dumb and dumber kidnappers brilliantly, thoroughly and utterly hilariously screw up their plan. 

Hardware store employees Teddy (Mike Kovac, Yesterday) and Cal (Scott Wallis, Prom Night) are best buddies, but with their taste for listening to classical music while smoking pipes, they’re of a different breed from the usual, predictable dudes. The duo’s friendship was somewhat fractured when Teddy tied the knot with Liz (Teagan Vincze), but they’re set for quality buddy time together when they kidnap Crystal (Chelsey Reist) – their boss’s daughter and colleague at the store. They’re pissed off employees after ransom and revenge, but they’re nice dudes and don’t really intend to hurt Crystal. But – of course – things do not go as designed…

Written, directed and edited by Rob Grant (who’s worked on The Cabin In The Woods and the first two Twilight films), Mon Ami is a dark screwball comedy that crescendos on a humourous high. The script is witty, the low budget origins are neatly hidden and the characters are sensationally funny. The entire cast is A-Grade, delivering lines with precision timing. 

Teddy and Cal – the pipes, their refined musical tastes, the way they literally barfed every time they had to do something gory. Makes me laugh just writing about them. The humour escalates as does the gore – but this isn’t a film which you need an especially strong stomach to deal with, as much of the blood and guts are splashed off-screen. There’s probably more comedy than horror here, but there is suspense in the anticipation – moments where you laugh and grimace and squirm and think, ‘Oh no!’. Those little moments that, when combined with fun characters, a sharp script and impeccable acting, add together to make a film worthy of horror/comedy cult status.

Mon Ami screens on Saturday April 13 at 5pm at the Dendy Newtown as part of the A Night of Horror/Fantastic Planet film festivals (April 11-21).



Rob G 11 Apr 2013 08:24

Dear Annette,

My name is Rob Grant and I\'m the writer/director of Mon Ami. Tried looking for contact info but couldn\'t find so this is my way of saying THANK YOU for writing such a thoughtful review, all the best!

Annette Basile 18 Apr 2013 00:42

Thanks Rob! You\\\'ve made my day! Look forward t your next film. Mon Ami is a blast!
Annette :)

Rob Grant 21 May 2013 19:35

Well thanks again Annette,

Hope all is well! Thank you for your kind review of MON AMI a while back and all your support!

Here is the current press release we are pushing for our digital/dvd release next month:

Cinedigm/New Video has given us a prelim release date of June 16th on iTunes and we are selling a limited run of DVD/Blu-Ray\'s via our website on that release as well. Please help us spread the word in any way possible.

Here is our brand new TRAILER to go along with the release:
VIMEO LINK - https://vimeo.com/66587751
YOUTUBE LINK - http://youtu.be/4i3flEFGbcQ
WEBSITE for Updates - monamimovie.com
Rob Grant
c: 1-604-788-9582

Annette Basile 01 Jun 2013 13:52

Fantastic trailer Rob!!! If u r on LinkedIN, connect with me there and keep me posted on new projects ! I did have a look for you there but about 6 pages of people with your name!
All the best

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