Fantastic Planet Preview: All Superheroes Must Die



Imagine pitching this to a big brand Hollywood studio: A superhero movie based on characters the public has never heard of, with no fancy effects, no tongue-in-cheek humour. No camp. An American superhero movie that takes itself deadly seriously – and one where its superhuman stars are, effectively, without any powers.

It’s not until later that you wonder how the filmmakers managed getting away with a true-to-the-genre superhero movie that is, well, just some guys and a girl running around in costumes. But that’s its brilliance. Made on the flimsiest of shoestrings, All Superheroes Must Die owes more to film noir than Spider-Man in style, and its substance is based on strong characterisations and an unfolding of the story behind the heroes and their inter-relationships.

The film hooks you early – forcing you to wonder about these four characters that have just been awoken, without their powers, not knowing how long they’ve been unconsciousness.

Cue James Remar (Harry Morgan from Dexter, Samantha’s wealthy squeeze Richard from Sex & The City, etc, etc). Remar is Rickshaw – the bad guy, who seems inspired by the baddies Batman had to deal with. It’s the kind of role many would have camped up, but Remar plays it straight as he threatens to blow up innocents if the powerless superheroes can’t play his game.

Impressive, atmospheric and completely absorbing, All Superheroes Must Die is the opening night film for the Fantastic Planet/A Night Of Horror twin film festivals. Writer/director and star of the film – Jason Trost, who plays the superhero, Charge – will be at the screening for a Q&A session, along with fellow superhero Lucas Till (Havok from X-Men: First Class), who plays Cutthroat. The dynamic and talented duo will also be at the festival to present another of their collaborations – the comedy #WetAndReckless.

It’s a gamble for a filmmaker to ask their audience to take a film like this so utterly seriously. It’s a testament not only to Trost’s talents, but to the entire cast, that we are convinced so completely.

All Superheroes Must Die screens on April 11 at the Dendy Newtown at 7pm, followed by Space Milkshake at 9pm and the festival\'s opening night after party.
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