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Sydney Film Festival: Scandinavian Freak Outs

What\'s with Scandinavia?! A couple of filmmakers there have produced two of this festival\'s biggest nerve-janglers...

Sydney Film Festival: Hobo With A Shotgun

The film\'s title says it all really!

Sydney Film Festival: 13 Assassins

An epic of a film, which begins and ends with bloodshed. And lots of it.

Sydney Film Festival: Tomboy

A strong contender for the Audience Choice Awards at this year\'s festival...

Sydney Film Festival: How To Die In Oregon

A doco that\'s guaranteed to move you to tears while straingely proving life-affirming...

Sydney Film Festival: The Mill And The Cross

Polish artist and filmmaker Lech Majewski finds inspiration in Pieter Bruegel\'s 1564 painting \"The Procession to Calvary\"... with stunning results.

Sydney Film Festival: Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Ancient cave art, 3D and Werner Herzog… Need we say more? An absolute must-see!

Sydney Film Festival: Ain\'t In It For My Health - A Film About Levon Helm

A rollicking and enjoyable doco about Levon Helm was, the drummer for The Band.

Sydney Film Festival: LENNONNYC

Another Beatles-related doco?! Rest easy, this one, which chronicles Lennon\'s time in New York, is brilliant.

Japanese Film Festival Preview: Confessions

A massive box office hit in Japan, this dark thriller will have you on the edge of its seat...