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A Night Of Horror review: The good old-fashioned fright night of Sinister

It opens with deathly and decidedly creepy home movie footage. Next, we see a seemingly carefree family move into a suburban house – a typical launch point for a supernatural horror tale.

A Night Of Horror Preview: Found

$8,000. That’s what this near masterpiece of horror was made for. It’s chilling and disturbing and has nightmare images that will attach to your brain whether you’d want them to or not (and you don’t).

Fantastic Planet Preview: All Superheroes Must Die

Imagine pitching this to a big brand Hollywood studio: A superhero movie based on characters the public has never heard of, with no fancy effects, no tongue-in-cheek humour.

A Night Of Horror Preview: Mon Ami

Underneath every indie horror/comedy is an unspoken desire to become a cult sensation. But too often, movies in this sub-genre are only enjoyable to a point – the jokes and the scares run out of steam, and instead of becoming cult smashes, the films see out their days as DVD bargain bin fillers.

Greek Film Festival: Tungsten

This sliceof Greek social realism may be grim, but it\'s also superbly made.

Greek Film Festival: Jerks

A film about the Greek youth told through the story of a trio of friends.

MIFF: Mine Games

Local filmmaker Richard Gray takes a sharp stylistic turn with this twisted teen thriller, but one which our blogger believes yields mixed results...

MIFF: Ruby Sparks

The latest from the directors behind \'Little Miss Sunshine\' rings of instant indie classic.

MIFF: Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap

Godfather of gangsta rap turned director, Ice-T, takes audiences on a personal journey into the heart and soul of hip-hop.

MIFF: The Intouchables

Easy to see why this crowd-pleaser proved box office gold in its home country.