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MIFF: Into the Abyss

Werner Herzog\'s heartbreaking and unsettling inquiry into capital punishment in the US.

MIFF: Room 237

A doco dissecting Kubrick\'s \'The Shining\' by a host of hardcore fans and critics - ranging from the semi-obsessive to the paranoid delusional...

MIFF: Teddy Bear

A literally larger-than-life man and his quest to find an even bigger love.

Russian Resurrection: Home

Check out this part gangster story, part family epic, playing at this year\'s festivities...

MIFF: Shadow Dancer

Sadly, a waste of a solid cast and director...

MIFF: Beasts Of The Southern Wild

The first so-so review we\'ve read about this American indie.

MIFF: Beyond The Hills

Romanian director Cristian Mungiu\'s impressive follow-up to \'4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days\' is an unsettling psychological drama - and one of this year\'s best.

MIFF: First Position

So you think you wanna dance? Must-see doco.

MIFF: Chicken With Plums

A somewhat disappointing follow-up for the creative team behind \'Persepolis\', but one boosted by its magical art direction.

MIFF: Big Boys Gone Bananas!

A frightening insight into the world of spin and corporate cover-ups.