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Sydney Film Festival: The King Of Pigs

A brave, disturbing and violent animated film about bullying and class difference that leaves a mark.

Sydney Film Festival: I, Anna

This sells itself as a noir thriller with a twist, but amounts to something a little different...

Sydney Film Festival: Modest Reception

What begins as a twisted black comedy evolves into a psychologically fascinating journey - and proves another terrific cinematic entry for Iran.

Sydney Film Festival: Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

A slow-burner, but it\'s engrossing, complex and rich in detail.

Sydney Film Festival: Tabu

A slow-burning and unconventional romance vies for the festival\'s top prize.

Sydney Film Festival: Faust

One of the stranger cinematic excursions at this year\'s festival...

Gold Coast Film Festival Preview: Circumstance

It strives for significance and it definitely sounds like a conversation-starter, but this Iranian-based drama unfortunately overreaches.

Gold Coast Film Festival Preview: Cold Fish

So it\'s definitely not the feel-good hit of the festival. This Japanese offering is a chilling, sometimes disturbing wallow in sadism and misogyny.

A Breath Of Fresh Air Indeed

If you\'re a Tasmanian film fan tired of missing out on the festival action, get along to the MyState BOFA Film Festival, setting its sights on becoming one of the state\'s biggest annual events.

Fantastic Asia Film Festival: Helldriver

One of our bloggers went along to the mad splatterfest that was the Opening Night of the Fantastic Asia Film Festival.