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MIFF: Tyrannosaur

An unexpectedly visual and narratively sophisticated drama from writer-director Paddy Considine.

MIFF Day Thirteen

The stars on MIFF\'s thirteenth day were too Ben\'s - an American actor and an Aussie popstar.

MIFF Day Twelve

A film by an Aussie filmmaker, some Asian cinema and a Hollywood ensemble comedy dominated things on the twelth day.

MIFF Day Eleven

A couple of films that will keep you awake... for different reasons...

MIFF Day Ten

Two terrific, complex and thought-provoking works that you should definitely see with someone. They\'re guaranteed to have you talking afterward.

MIFF: The Kid with a Bike

An accessible and engaging naturalist drama.

MIFF Day Nine

One of the highlights over the weekend was the crowd favourite Aussie film \'Red Dog\'...

MIFF Day Eight

On the 8th day of the festival, we were left shattered by this documentary...

MIFF Day Seven

After recovering from being in the same hotel lobby as Tony Blair yesterday, Day Seven of the Melbourne International Film Festival seems like icing on the cake, really.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival Round-up

For ten days in July, some of the most exciting, innovative and surprising films played at The Revelation Perth International Film Festival.