Adelaide Fringe Festival: At The Movies

FilmInk\'s Roger Smith witnessed some of his favourite flicks as he\'s never seen them before...

The op\"burl.jpg\"ening night of the Adelaide Fringe is hot and packed, and nowhere is hotter or more packed than the season’s first performance of At The Movies. But Margaret and David won’t be making an appearance this evening, instead the sweaty crowd are stuffed into the backroom of the Soul Box Café on Hindley Street eagerly awaiting Miss Luna Eclipse and Miss Sapphire Snow to take to the stage for a Burlesque take on some of your favourite movies. In dazzling red sequined gowns with thigh high splits all the way up to there, Luna and Sapphire sashay their way through “Two Little Girls From Little Rock” from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, with all the winks and wiggles in all the right places that would make Marilyn and Jane proud.

With temperatures rising in the packed house after the first number, comperes Rohan Watts and Lady Cara Louise finally address the white elephant that’s been in our midst since we walked in the door, yes, Burlesque. You know the movie with Christina Aguilera and Cher? Didn’t see it? Don’t worry, no one did. So long story short, (yes I’ve actually seen it), it’s about a burlesque club in LA that only features about three minutes of actual burlesque in the whole movie. So condensing all the best bits and wrapping them up in strings of pearls and ostrich feather fans, Sapphire shakes and shimmies the way Christina could only hope.

But At The Movies also takes us behind the scenes, as the increasingly clammy crowd finds out when we’re treated to a peek behind Arnie’s eighties blockbuster Predator, which culminates with our interplanetary hunter in thigh high latex boots and nipple tassels. But it’s Sapphire and Luna’s take on Harry Potter, or rather Harry and Dracos’ ‘relationship’ featuring spangly Bonds briefs, sock garters and a use of wands that would bring a tear to Snape’s eye, that gives a decidedly adult slant to the Potter myth and sets pulses racing.

Giving Disney a well eye-lashed wink, Aladdin gets the Luna treatment where even her carefully applied lantern pasties have a particularly hard time staying affixed. With one too many spoonfuls of sugar for Sapphire as Mary Poppins leaving her almost as tipsy as she is naked, and the now legendry Titanic finale featuring Lady Cara channeling Celine Dion while acting as the iceberg, At The Movies bucks the trend and is actually a sequel that’s better than the original.

Despite a few technical difficulties, Sapphire and Luna glamorously powered through and delivered a truly unique Burlesque experience that promises to only get better and better.

Adelaide Fringe Festival info here.


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