Heating Up The Red Carpet

Shane A. Bassett stole a few minutes with Sandra Bullock at the Sydney premiere of her new action comedy \'The Heat\'.

Not t\"172120360.jpg\"hat I minded, but while glancing up the red carpet at the Sydney premiere for The Heat, I seemed to be surrounded by an excessive amount of ladies. Fans, VIP guests, journalists and publicists seemed to be 99% females, all waiting to see guest of honour, the lovely Sandra Bullock.

Wearing an open back Pucci dress (thank you to the consummate Vogue Australia reporter standing next to me on the red carpet for that on the spot information), Sandra was delightful, cracked a few jokes and was magnetic without even trying.

First of all, I would like know, where do you keep your Oscar?
Right now my Oscar is in bubble wrap because there is a construction crew, a real one, at the house. So he is safely ensconced in bubble wrap hidden at the house in a nice little box, but he\'ll be coming out when it\'s done.

How do you get ready for a red carpet looking so wonderful?
Thank you, I sit there and let other people do the work. I have ideas and say I want to wear this or that, I sit down and everyone works together like a construction crew.

You\'re a great actress, you\'re a personality and you\'re a mum. How do you juggle all that and stay grounded?
Drugs, copious amounts of drugs [laughs]. Ummm no, I do it by prioritising. Everything revolves around my little man, work comes second. When I\'m at work, you try to do your best, but I am sorry, when there is a little man who calls, I leave.

Fair enough too.
So I could be leaving any minute now! [Laughs]

What was it about the script for The Heat that drew you to it?
Funny stuff for two women with characters that made sense. Melissa wanted to do it, I wanted to do it, both of us had discussed working with each other a long time ago so it was all about the timing. Everything came together. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we knew we had to do now or someone else would take it. And we simply did not want anyone else to do it.

You both share lightening comedic chemistry together. How was it during the filming process?
Day one, it just worked, we knew how to work together, our styles are different on how we approach our comedy and characters, somehow it worked the way it was supposed to from script to screen. It all meshed really well. We got lucky.

The Heat is released in cinemas July 11.





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