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Shane A. Bassett braved the rain and wind to steal a few minutes with Daniel Craig and co. on the red carpet at Sydney\'s swish premiere of \'Skyfall\', which rolled out at the State Theatre.



I was early, so early in fact that I stood in my position at the Australian premiere of Skyfall whilst a man was giving the red carpet a once-over with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

It was raining and policemen stood at the ready along the busy city street. Then it came, a loud roar from the masses that were gathered from across the road behind a carefully constructed barrier. A black hire car had stopped and out stepped Daniel Craig, looking ever so much like his 007 alias. He was accompanied by two beautiful Bond girls and newcomers to the franchise, Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris.

Daniel was effervescent talking to journalists and every now and then, literally stopped traffic as minders took him across the street to sign autographs for screaming fans. And we stole a couple of minutes of his time, as well as the two girls who are every inch Bond’s equal.  

Daniel Craig

Do you think the die hard 007 fans have now completely accepted you?

Oh I don’t know, I don’t talk to them, but I just keep trying to do my best.

How do you unwind at the end of each day? Bond films must be intense...

You don’t, there is no time to unwind. I live and breathe it when I’m doing it.

Keeping in shape for Bond must be hard. Do you keep the continual training up after the film has wrapped?

Not like that, it’s way too much, I do it like every day. I just try to stay in shape when I am not working but not as much as that [laughs].

Berenice Marlohe (Severine)

You’re a Bond Girl with many emotional scenes. Did you enjoy your dramatic scenes?

Hopefully I was hired for my acting skills, and both Daniel and Javier [Bardem] are professionals and so talented. They were very focused on their own job and I really admire that so I did the same and gave it my very best.

You were very good in those strong scenes. Was it hard reaching those emotions?

Well, during the six months of filming, I used my imagination to move me. I kept focused. It was fascinating to me and always intense. I had to stay connected to Severine. She has a history, it’s valuable and remained challenging.

I used a lot of music to build my emotions too including Grace Jones, Shirley Bassey and Rage Against the Machine. I wanted her to be like a mafia boss in a way, so using gangsta rap was helpful. I also think Shirley Bassey is the incarnation of a Bond Girl – she’s sexy, funny, with a strong presence.

How do you stay in shape?

I really love to eat, I mean a lot all the time, but they [designers] created a dress for me months before we were going to film. I knew I had to enter this dress, so I forced myself into running just to be able to fit into it. It was like a wedding dress.

Was it hard not to talk about Skyfall? There must have been so many people asking you about it before its release... was it hard to keep secrets?

Yes but you know what, I kind of like this mystery... keeping things secret is way more exciting than just revealing everything. I knew the people [fans] would be so surprised with the result. It was really funny keeping it all to myself, but worth it.

What can you tell me about your role in the upcoming Terrence Malick production?

Oh, yes I can’t wait, but I cannot talk about it in advance. This is very secret. Most of the time actors for Terrence don’t know what they are going to film next with him. But I was so happy that I got to audition for him when I was filming Skyfall, and he’s such a poet and a brilliant, wonderful director with such a unique view on life and the universe. It made me happy to meet him and now work with him.

Naomie Harris (Eve)

You have impressed me since 28 Days Later and Miami Vice. Did those thrilling action roles prepare you for being a Bond Girl?

Thank you, but no they didn’t. I wish they did, but they didn’t prepare me at all because this is the hardest thing I have ever done. It was so tough. That’s why I had a personal trainer who took me out five days a week two months before we even started. I was really trained up. I needed that. [Laughter]

Did you keep up that training after Skyfall?

I really wish I did but no. I am so lazy so I didn’t.

Without spoilers, you play a pretty important role, especially in the final stages of Skyfall. What was your initial reaction when you first found out you were playing that particular character?

Gosh, it was shock, delight, I was screaming in the streets. You could say I was just over the moon.

You will go down in cinema folklore as the Bond Girl who shot 007. [Not a spoiler as it’s actually in the movie trailer]

I know, it’s not a good thing to be remembered for. I am really not happy about that, I really did not want to shoot everybody’s hero and it wasn’t my fault, it was M who said to take the shot.

Your relationship with M was over the radio or phone. Did you get to know Dame Judi Dench offscreen seeing you didn’t actually share scenes?

Oh yes, she is great. Weirdly enough I didn’t have a scene with Judi. I wanted to but in those scenes when I was talking to her it was just me, in a car, speaking into an ear piece with her not really being there.

Skyfall hits cinemas November 22. You can read our official review of the film here.

Photo credit (L-R): Harriss, Craig and Marlohe at the Sydney Skyfall premiere, courtesy of Getty Images/Brendon Thorne.


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Excellent report, this guy is pretty good, when is his next interview?

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