Riding Giants

The Storm Surfers crew shred up the best New Zealand has to offer.




Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time world champion Tom Carroll don\'t have much to be scared about on dry land. The two surfing legends were on hand for the world premiere of their doco Storm Surfers: New Zealand and stuck round after the screening, along with meteorologist Ben Matson, and directors Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius, to answer some of the crowd\'s questions.

In the fourth outing for the boys (after Storm Surfers: Dangerous Banks, Cape Storm and Tai Fu), they tackle the best giant breaks in New Zealand. Along the way there are thrills, frustrations, disappointments and laughs. There is also innovation as Tom looks at developing a new board just for big wave surfing. It\'s vital viewing for anyone even slightly interested in surfing.

A very relaxed and tongue-in-cheek Q&A followed the screening, revealing that these guys are really mates, ribbing each other. A young girl asked the more serious Ben, \'How do you know the waves are coming?\' He started answering, \"It\'s a very complex set of decisions we have to make because I have to work out when these guys are actually free and available\" before Ross pointed out, \"She\'s only eight!\"

Plenty of laughs were had by all, mostly at the expense of the two surfing stars.  Director Chris Nelius shared with the crowd the differences between Storm Surfers and other television programs. \"There\'s probably no other show on television where the directors talk to the talent the way we do. It\'s like having two 16-year-olds on a trip. If you have to drive four hours down the highway, when you get to a petrol station, I pretty much have say to them \'You\'re not allowed out of the car\' and \'Now\'s the time to go to the toilet.\' If you let them out of the car, that\'s it. They\'ll be down at a café getting a coffee. Ben\'s the good one.\"

However, the most important question of the night was probably the one on everyone\'s minds: where to next?  \"We\'ve got about 15-20 locations scattered around the world, ranging from the possible to the impossible - places near Antarctica, places near Greenland, Europe,\" Matson answered.  \"It\'s all over the place. We\'re just going to watch the charts. That\'s the main thing, we\'ll just follow the charts and if they say, \'Wow, Ireland\'s looking fantastic\' then off we go.\" 

Now that Storm Surfers has become a worldwide hit (it recently screened in its 36th country) the plan is to start on the next project, Storm Surfers 3D: The Movie which will hopefully hit cinemas. It\'s an exciting time to be one of the Storm Surfers and let\'s hope the movie will be as much fun as their doco.

Storm Surfers: New Zealand is out on DVD from July 7 and will screen on the Discovery Channel July 14, 8.30pm.


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